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About Vincent


Our accommodation is located in a quiet part of the spa town near the sports center Radostov. For your rest you have available 13 rooms that offer you maximum comfort. In addition to the tastefully furnished rooms, there is a spacious outdoor terrace and a seating area full of relaxation under tall trees. Everything is complemented by picturesque city views. We also offer our customers an infrared sauna, data projector and XBOX game console.


Stay informed


Pleasant experiences from the hotel are small things and we are well aware of this - friendly and helpful staff, soft towels in the room and the smell of fresh roasted coffee throughout your stay.


Excellent location


Vincent is located about 15 minutes from the center by a quiet walk.


Your own parking


You can park directly at our accommodation Vincent Luhačovice. You can also park for free near Radostova Sports Hall or along the main road.


Drinks and snacks


Available throughout the building, free of charge.




Pets can stay with you for a set fee. We emphasize cleanliness. Pets must not be left alone in the room.


Sports activities and training camp


Radostova Sports Center is located very close by. This is related to the possibility of organizing sports camps for your clubs or club. We will arrange accommodation and help your team arrange training facilities.